Will the Whole grains harm the Dogs?

Will the Whole grains harm the Dogs?

When we here this, we ask our self this question  organic dog food and resins are actually bad for dogs as such it can cause kidney failure with lack of urine production. Dogs of any age or breed may get affected by this. They shouldn’t eat even a small substance of  Whole grains because it can cause toxic. Eating a significant quantity of grapes (32g per kg of dog) will be deadly to dogs, but not to all dogs. About 2/3 of dogs are not affected by it. Whole grains and raisins are bad for omen dogs only. Whole grains itself are in the form of resins .It is also be true that cumulative effect of Whole grains can also create problem. Some dogs eat Whole grains and have no problem. But the reactions come later in the dog’s life.

The root cause of dogs getting harmed by eating  Whole grains

Many have fed  Whole grains  to their dogs without knowing its consequences. They feed them because their dogs had no problem in it. But some personal experiences and studies has proven that it can cause harmful to the dogs. The root cause is a fungal toxin which can cause some dogs sick. The toxicity of grapes is due to the usage of cropper compounds which are very harmful to the living beings. But the actual cause of kidney failure by consumption of grapes isn’t known. Something inherent to grapes it and all types of grapes seem to be offender, and beyond that no one knows.

How addition of copper can affect Whole grains?

In organic farming coppers are mainly used as a fungicide. Fungus is the most common problems in commercial  Whole grains operations. Some breeds of dog like West Highland white terrier, Belington terrier and Doberman pinscher are sensitive to copper. The animal poison control centre have studied that 140 for the effect of grapes on dogs. Seven of them died and over 30% developed symptoms from sickness to kidney failure.

Immediate measures to be taken if inject more than few Whole grains

  • Vomit them; probably they vomit after eating more than a few. If not, vomit them.
  • If you have charcoal make them activated charcoal. Such that they can get decrease with absorption of whatever cause the kidney failure.
  • Take them to veterinarian. How quickly you give treatment, the more likely they survive.

So what we have to do after we discover that dog has eaten  Whole grains. It would be advisable to make the dog vomit giving it burnt toast, it will crumbles in our fingers, and it could absorb toxins that may get into the system. Than get your dog to if you are still concerned.

Prepare healthy and balanced food for your dogs

Fruits are greatly healthy snacks and treats. And these are often rich in antioxidants. You should always remember that fruit should be given in only specified quantity. And fruits should be fed with caution for dogs with diabetes or those with metabolism issues. So as a responsible owner you must give a great care to keep them healthy. Must keep all items out of the way of inquisitive dog. There are many other foods that can have serious effect on dogs.


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