Yogurt for Dogs: Reducing the Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Yogurt for Dogs: Reducing the Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Lactobacilos Acidophilus are bacteria that live in a digestive pathway, and it can be found in yogurt. These bacteria have the task as a probiotic which supports during the organic process by which food is converted into substances that can be absorbed into the body by mean of inhibition of the destructive bacteria’s growth. Besides these bacteria, yogurt also contains calcium. In addition, yogurt has benefits to reduce several diseases which are suffered by dogs such as yeast infection and diarrhea. Moreover,  senior dog food  is also important to enhance the system of immune and reduce the relative frequency of occurrence of yeast infection. Also, it can undergo a change of the gut microflora and cut down the level of cholesterol.

Yogurt as the Treatment for Yeast Infection

Dogs can suffer several diseases for instance the yeast infection. This disease is caused by the toxin which is produced by yeasts in dog body which has an impact on the immune system of dogs, the system of nervous and endocrine. There are symptoms which are caused by yeast infection including allergies of food, diarrhea, constipation and even depression. Besides that, this disease also causes the disturbance of dog’s skin such as hives, itching, rashes and loss of hair. Moreover, because of suffering this disease, the dogs will scratch their ears and make the strong odor from their body. Thus, if the dogs have suffered these symptoms, the dogs should get the treatment and yogurt for dogs is extremely recommended.

By giving yogurt for dogs yeast infection, it can relief those symptoms above. Yogurt has been known as the most important food to handle the yeast infection such as the dog’s allergies and any red eruption of the skin. The application of yogurt for dogs can reduce the irritating coetaneous sensation that makes the dogs have a desire to scratch their body. However, yogurt cannot be used for curing the yeast infection, but rather than to give the feeling of relief for those symptoms of yeast infection. Yogurt produces active bacteria which only aims the cells of yeast, but does not reduce the yeast growing.

The Categories of Good Yogurt

This part discusses the yogurt categories which are good for dogs. It is known that the best yogurt for dogs is the one which is plain or without flavoring added into yogurt. Plain yogurt can be made at home because it is easy to make. However, if it is considered as inconvenient, plain yogurt is available at stores. Thus, you can buy it and while buying it, you have to make sure that the plain yogurt which you buy contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus that is the important probiotic to relief the symptoms of yeast infections. You should not give the dogs the flavored yogurt because it contains high sugar which can make the bacterial unbalance when the bacteria grow vigorously on sugar. Moreover, flavored yogurt can cause the allergies and any unwanted secondary effects such as disorientation, depression, and seizures.

In addition, there is one more thing you should know in applying yogurt for dogs. You should pay attention to how much yogurt you can give to the dogs. If the dogs are given too much yogurt, it will cause a bad effect to dogs. Since yogurt contains calcium which is important for dog’s bones, but if the dogs have too much yogurt, they can suffer bone abnormalities. Therefore, you only can give the dog plain yogurt for about one tablespoon according to the dog’s size.


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