Watermelon – can holistic dog eat this fruit

Watermelon – can holistic dog eat this fruit

Holistic dogs, cats and other pet animals cannot eat every food item that usually human eat. Some human food items can cause severe health problems to holistic dogs. This is why pet owners are required to perform a research on what fruits and vegetables can dog eat. Watermelon is one of the fruits that can be eaten by holistic dogs. Pet owners can let their furry friend eat watermelon but with some precautions. If you have a doubt that holistic dog food, you have to read this article further. Seeds of this fruit can cause a blockage in the intestines of holistic dog. So, pet owners have to make sure they have removed the seeds before they feed the fruit to the dogs. Rind of the fruit is another thing on which people have to pay attention on while feeding this huge fruit to the dogs. The rind could cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs.

Watermelon is a nutrient powerhouse which is packed with nutrients such as vitamins A, C, B6 and potassium. This fruit contains lesser amount of calories. When it comes to feeding holistic dogs this powerhouse fruit, pet owners can offer a small bit of watermelon with no seed. This can be a safe snack for the pet. If it is the summer season, you can chop the melon into small cubes, place them in the refrigerator and serve it chill. Sure, your furry companion will love to eat or play with these cubes. The high water content of this fruit gets more fluids into the holistic dog’s bodies. Not every holistic dog loves to eat fruits. If you find your holistic dog hesitates to eat watermelon, you should not compel him to eat even though it is safe for him. Pet owners who like to make their holistic dog and cat eat healthy food items need to practice it from the beginning. They have to feed fruits and vegetables from the early state of its childhood.

Many pet owners raise questions such as holistic dog food, apple or any other fruits. They can ask a veterinary doctor to know what to feed the holistic dogs. A vet can tell people the foods that are safe to the pet. He can also advise pet owners on the food items that they have to avoid feeding the pet. Some fresh fruits such as slices of bananas, apples, watermelon and oranges can become a tasty treat for holistic dogs. But pet owners have to make sure they remove stems, leaves and seeds first before feeding them. It is very important to do as these parts can cause serious health problems in holistic dogs. Many pet owners are not aware that even a little snack reward can hurt their friend. It depends on how much and which snack they give to the holistic dog. Even some common foods can surprise pet owners by creating unwanted signs in the health of holistic dogs. If you are raising a holistic dog, pet or any other animal or bird, you need to make sure you are feeding the right food item for your nonhuman friend.


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